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Hearing healthcare the way it should be

That's what makes us Trusted

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The Smartest Most Advanced Hearing Aids

They can even save a life using proprietary fall detection

Starting at $3,400 per pair

Our Services

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We provide no cost In-house repairs for most hearing aids, if we can't repair it in the office we can send it into most manufacturers. 

Hearing Aid Repair

We provide a full array of methods for ear wax removal should you need it. 

Ear Wax Removal

Hearing aids should be cleaned by a professional every 3-4 months. Whether you purchased from us or not we will always provide free cleaning service. 

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Most hearing aids can be programmed in our office with a new hearing test. Visit our booking page for availability. 

Hearing Aid Adjustment

We offer the latest hearing aid technology from all major manufacturers, all for an affordable price. 

Hearing Aid Sales

We provide comprehensive hearing evaluations to help determine hearing loss and hearing aid candidacy.

Hearing Evaluations

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Check out our

Hearing Aid Prices


Welcome to the future of hearing healthcare

With the help of cutting edge technology, we can map out your ears right in our clinic and create a 3D image. This allows us to make the most accurate ear impressions for ear molds and custom hearing aids. We invite you to come experience the future of hearing healthcare.

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Challenge us to beat a price

We try to keep our prices affordable, if you find a pair you like somewhere else we'll try to match or beat that price


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Tim Moorman

One of my criteria was price of course, but most important I wanted customer service. I found both a reasonable price and folks that were mainly concerned with customer satisfaction. I have returned several times to have the settings changed and could get an appointment within a day.


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Mon-Thur 9am to 5pm
Fri: 8am to 12pm
Saturday: By Appointment Only

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