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Cutting Edge Equipment 

We Are Georgetown's Most Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic


Phillip Zamora 

B.A. Communication Sciences & Disorders

Hearing Instrument Specialist
Founder & CEO

Hearing services the way it should be.

At Trusted Hearing Center we're committed to going above and beyond to helping you or your loved one hear better. We are adamant about providing affordable hearing healthcare that everyone has access to. Our services are always the highest quality backed by the best customer service around. 


If you or a loved one could benefit from our services or have any questions regarding hearing loss please don't hesitate to contact us. We can't wait to see you in our office! 

Our Clinic

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Advanced Equipment Matters


Otometrics Otoscan

We are the only clinic in Georgetown to provide advanced laser 3D scanning. This allows us to make the most accurate earmolds and custom hearing aids with half the production time. 


OtoSet Earwax Removal

We are the only clinic in Georgetown to provide ear cleaning with OtoSet. An advanced and quick system allows us to flush and suction any debris in the ear.


Redux Drying System

We offer the most advanced drying system in the industry. The Redux suctions 100% of moisture from hearing aids. No other drying system does the same. 


Neosensory Duo

The newest & most cutting edge tinnitus haptic relief. A breakthrough tinnitus program developed by Stanford neuroscientists giving lasting relief to 87% of participants. 

When it comes to providing advanced care, we back it up with the most advanced equipment 

Don't Settle for less