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Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

At Trusted Hearing Center we offer full diagnostic hearing evaluations to determine hearing loss. We also offer full hearing aid services including repairs, cleaning, fitting, and sales.

How much are your hearing aids?

Our hearing aid prices range from $1,800 per pair to $4,800 per pair. The range is based on the technology level of the hearing aid, how much background noise it can process, and other additional features they can provide to enhance speech.

What makes you different?

At Trusted Hearing Center, we prioritize the ability for most hearing impaired people acess to affordable prices without comprimizing quality. Affordable prices combined with outstanding care sets us apart from the rest, we'll work with you to find the best solution for your hearing loss that fits your lifestyle.

Are services included?

Yes, when you purchase your hearing aids we include a follow up appointment to insure you're adjusting well to your hearing aids. You will also receive free cleaning and checking appointments for life and adjustment appointments when you need them. We recommend coming to see us again once a year for a new hearing test and hearing aid adjustement to keep you hearing at your best.

What brands do you sell?

We are an independent clinic, meaning we work with every major brand out there. This helps us find the best solution for you and your lifestyle, afterall, hearing aids aren't one size fits all.

What if I purchased elsewehere and I just need aftercare?

No problem at all! We would love to serve you in anyway possible, all cleaning appointments will always be no cost, if you need an adjustment or new test the charge is always a low $15.00 to insure we give you the time and attention you deserve.