Our Hearing Solutions

Being independent allows us to offer every major hearing aid brand

Another reason we're Trusted



Bluetooth to any device

Hands free calling

Superior sound


The only rechargeable In-The-Ear

Bluetooth to any device

Fall detection

Body tracking

Language translation

In ear reminders

Personal assistant


The first microphone in receiver

Superior sound enhancement 

24+Hr rechargeable battery life

Bluetooth compatibility


Built in motion sensors

Own voice reduction 

Slim rechargeable design

MFi Bluetooth compatibility


The first In-The-Ear with hands free Bluetooth to any device

App controlled

Custom made for your ears

Answer calls from the hearing aid


Proprietary natural sound

App controlled

The smallest rechargeable RIC

Integrated tinnitus therapy


Normal speech understanding 

360 degree open sound experience

Bluetooth IFTTT connectivity

Premium background noise reduction

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Fri: 8am to 12pm
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