Bluetooth Hearing Aids-Are they all the same?

With so many brands offering so many features it can be confusing when choosing the right hearing aid for your needs. In this article we will discuss the differences between Bluetooth and Bluetooth features from the top brands.

Traditional Bluetooth


  • Direct connection to any device

  • Hands free calling

  • Works with Android & iPhone

  • No middle device needed

  • Connects to multiple devices

Traditional Bluetooth has many advantages the main 2 being the ability to connect to any BT device and the feature of hands free calling. These features are currently only used by brands such as Unitron and Phonak. Learn More Here.

ASHA Bluetooth


  • Direct streaming of calls and audio from Android 10 devices

  • Audio streaming from Apple products

  • Usage of low energy BT for better battery life

ASHA Bluetooth is the newest protocol we have seen from brands such as Resound, Widex, and Starkey. This protocol allows hearing aids to connect to most Android 10 devices as well as Apple products using a low energy connection. While android connection is not available to all devices, in the future most devices will be able to connect.

MFi Bluetooth


  • Made to connect to Apple products directly

  • Uses lower energy consumption than traditional BT

  • Cannot connect directly to Android devices

  • Needs a separate device for connection to non Apple products

MFi Bluetooth was the very first direct protocol to roll out in hearing aids with Resound being the first brand to implement it in their products. This protocol allows the hearing aids to connect directly to Apple products using a lower energy and higher quality streaming connection. Brands such as Signia, Rexton, and Oticon currently use this protocol.

When looking for hearing aids you must ask your provider first what hearing aid is best for your hearing loss, then you can take into account additional features such as streaming. Always make sure the provider has enough information about your lifestyle so that they can recommend the right product to fit you.

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