Bose Hearing Aids - Are They Really Worth It?

Bose announces it's getting into the hearing aid business with it's new FDA cleared RIC devices.

Bose recently announced that it will now be selling direct-to-consumer SoundControl hearing aids for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. The new DTC hearing aids will start at $849.95 for the pair and are meant to be self fit by the consumer without a hearing test or hearing healthcare professional.

The SoundControl hearing aids will use standard 312 disposable batteries and will have adjustment features such as manipulating Bass and Treble, environmental volume, and speech volume. They will be available in Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas — before they’re available nationally.

Are they worth the money?

While most premium hearing aids will cost much more than the Bose SoundCloud, there are options for those with hearing loss looking for prescription hearing aids backed by quality hearing healthcare service.

Signia Styletto X

At $995/Pair the Signia Styletto X delivers prescription hearing based on a professionally administered audiogram, making it extremely personalized. Not only that, the Styletto features Bluetooth compatibility, App control, remote programming, rechargeability, and a sleek design. PLUS at Trusted Hearing Center, they also come with lifetime aftercare and support. Check out the NEW Signia Xperience platform here.

Buyer Beware

While the Bose SoundCloud does provide DTC access to Hearing aids, for the price it may not be the best option. Choosing a lower technology tier for prescription hearing aids at your local hearing clinic will provide several long term advantages for your hearing healthcare. For hearing care professionals our goal is to provide ongoing support for patients through monthly cleanings, annual testing, repair services, and Real Ear Measurements at fitting. Bose SoundCloud, with a price so high, and features lacking, It's just not worth the investment.

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