Hearing Aid Brands- Why so confusing!

Looking for help with your hearing loss can be a confusing journey, especially if you decide to start looking for the right hearing aid. What most people don't know is, there are only so many major manufacturers out there and some share the same technology.

It's a lot of information we know! The main takeaway from this brand map is, you want to make sure you visit a clinic that is independent and can make an unbiased recommendation. If you visit a hearing aid store that only carries one brand of hearing aid and you hear the words "Our technology is the only technology that will work for you" or "Our technology is the most advanced" or "You can't find this anywhere else" Run for the hills. More than likely they just want to sell you a product and aren't looking out for your best interest.

Tips for choosing your provider:

  • Ask the provider if they conduct Real Ear Measurement

  • Ask if they carry more than one brand

  • Ask if they are a private label device

  • Ask if your hearing aids will be locked, or if any provider can have access

At Trusted Hearing Center we carry every major manufacturer with no commitments to any one. That means we can make an unbiased recommendation based on your specific situation and then let you demo that product at no cost.

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We know finding the right hearing aid can be tricky, whether you purchase from us or not we are glad to guide you along your journey. Give us a call at (512) 357 8000.

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