Hearing Aid Maintenance-It's a MUST!

How often do you take your hearing aids to your provider because they aren't working, and they tell you it was just ear wax? The main enemy of hearing aid function has always been ear wax, even the most advanced hearing aids seem to falter to just a little making it's way into the receiver. In this article we will discuss the newest products to help keep your hearing aids working between check ups.

Cleaning Wipes

The one product that can go a long way to keeping your hearing aids working would be the hearing aid wipe. We recommend wiping down the entire hearing aid, including the domes, at least once a week. This ensures that your devices stay wax free and oil free. Doing this once a week can ensure you don't have to make an emergency visit to your provider for repair, and may elongate the life of your devices.

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Cleaning Spray

The second best alternative to cleaning wipes would be a hearing aid cleaning spray. This can be used with a dry cloth to wipe down the entire hearing aid including the domes or ear molds. Using this will prevent ear wax build up on the domes, and skin oil on the hearing aids.

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