Hearing Aid Service for Veterans

We are proud to offer hearing aid aftercare service for our veterans at No-Charge through the pandemic with same day appointments available. See below for the services we now offer.

Hearing Aid Cleaning-Click to Book

Our hearing aid cleaning service includes changing domes, changing wax filters, vacuuming all microphones, drying and sanitizing, and checking the hearing aids to insure the instruments are working properly.

Hearing Aid Adjustment-Click to Book

Whether you're looking for a new provider, or just moved to the area, we can take care of your ongoing hearing needs at Trusted Hearing Center. This service provides current hearing aid wearers with the ability to receive a new no charge hearing test and hearing aid adjustement based on that test.

Hearing Aid Repair-Click to Book

We offer in-house hearing aid repairs for most major manufacturers. If we cannot fix your hearing aids in our office, we have the ability to send them to the manufacture to have them repaired.

Or give us a call at (512) 357 8000

We service all hearing aid manufacturers including Phonak, Unitron, Signia, Widex, Resound, Starkey, Rexton, Sonic, Philips, & Bernafon.

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