Oticon Opn S- Oticon breaks the rules. Again.

Enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing

The biggest challenge for people with hearing loss is understanding speech in noisy environments when multiple people are speaking at the same time. Oticon Opn S breaks the limits of what you thought possible with hearing aids. Proven to provide even better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments than our previous generation of hearing aids, Opn S lets you take an active part in difficult listening situations – just like people with normal hearing.*

For people with typical hearing loss and well-fitted hearing aids, in noisy situations

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Velox S™ unleashes the full power of the open sound experience

Opn S is built on the Velox S platform – our most advanced and powerful platform ever. Unleashing the full potential of the open sound paradigm, the platform offers unprecedented computation power to create life-changing differences for patients.

The Velox S platform provides:

  • Groundbreaking platform improvements for increased memory

  • Highly sensitive detectors to monitor changes in the acoustic environment 56,000 times per second

  • Proactive feedback management delivered by signal processing algorithms

  • Automatics to drive the updated OpenSound Navigator™

  • Improved design for optimized rechargeable battery performance

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