Redux Drying System-The Most Powerful Professional Dryer With Proven Results.

For years we have know that moisture is the number one enemy of hearing aids, from sweating, to accidently jumping in the shower with hearing aids, there are many situations where your devices can pick up additional moisture.

Redux to the rescue!

The new Redux drying system is the only machine that can remove 100% of moisture from hearing aids.... and they have the science to back it up. The entire process takes approximately 12 minutes as the vacuum sealed chamber warms the hearing aids and sucks out moisture. During the process we are able to see real time how much moisture is being extracted with a detailed printed report available at the end.

Is this a must have service?

To the point...YES! If you are looking to extend the life of your hearing aids, or looking to improve your hearing aid performance, this service is a must. Trusted Hearing Center is one of the few clinics in the Austin area to offer this cutting edge service for you AND your first drying attempt is completely Free to you.

Contact us for more information about the Redux Drying System or to schedule a Redux drying session today!

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