Signia Augmented Xperience-Hear Through the Noise

Signia introduced it's latest platform in May called the Signia AX or Augmented Xperience. Building on an already successful chip, Signia takes the hearing experience to another level. Using two separate processing chips inside the hearing aids, the AX is able to process background noise and speech separately to provide the user with a greater intelligibility especially in the presence of background noise.

From Signia: These high-tech devices use our ground-breaking Augmented Xperience platform. It is inspired by the same principle as in 3D movies where key images appear directly in front of you while the background remains further away.

This is possible because we have, for the first time, two separate processors: one for sounds in focus, like your conversation partner’s voice, the other for surroundings.

A couple of slightly less interesting upgrades include: new domes, a sleeker body style, better battery life, New ASHA BT streaming protocol to android phones, a rechargeable (with portable charger) RIC with T-Coil, and a CROS/BiCROS option.

Hearing is Believing

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