Starkey Livio Ai-Next generation capabilities

Starkey now introduces it most cutting edge device....ever. A hearing aid that's not just a hearing aid, with the power of artificial intelligence Starkey has introduced a never-before-possible sound performance in the most challenging listening environments, and that's just the start of the what makes Livio Ai special.

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The Many additional features

Included with the Livio Ai are numerous additional features such as:

  • Body Tracking

  • Brain Tracking

  • Fall Detection

  • Find My Phone

  • Tap Control

  • Self Check

  • Hearing Aid Assistant

  • In Ear Language Translation

  • Find My Hearing Aids

  • In Ear Reminders

  • Live Conversation Transcribe

The first rechargeable custom in-ear hearing aid

Finally! What we've been waiting for, the very first rechargeable custom in-ear hearing aid that packs all of the above features in a tiny package.

With magnetic contacts, these customs snap right onto the charger without any hassle. Making it the go to in-ear hearing aid for those that are tired of changing batteries.

Edge Mode

Game-changing sound with Edge Mode

Our industry-leading sound performance takes Livio Edge AI to new heights, providing you with instantaneous adjustments for the most challenging listening situations.