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When it comes to conversations, speech understanding is just the beginning. Communication is more complex than just what is said. In order to have truly rich interactions, you need more than sounds and words.

Unitron's newly released Discover Next platform builds on the backbone of an already great Discover platform. With the Discover Next not only is speech elevated, speech is given meaning. The technology helps the wearer understand who is talking, where voices are coming from, and even the intonation that is used.

SoundNav 3.0-Unitrons latest broad program features machine learning that can identify the wearers environment as accurately as a 20-year old. This is important for those who are in a variety of situations with multiple speakers or background noise.

Bluetooth Connectivity- Building upon an already wonderful Bluetooth compatibility, the Discover Next can now connect to 4 devices at once. It also features hands free calling, meaning you can answer the phone directly from the hearing aid and start talking without having to put the phone up to your mouth.

Rechargeability- Improved rechargeability no features 24 continuous hours in a very small package, gone are the days of changing batteries!

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