TV Streaming-Wirelessly to Your Ears.

Having trouble understanding the TV even with hearing aids? TV clarity can be difficult, different channels can typically mean a volume change up or down and commercials are always much too loud. There are solutions to help you hear more clearly with or without hearing aids.

For those without hearing aids: Sennheiser RS135 RF Wireless Headphones

Featuring full cable free listening and wireless charging with Detailed, warm sound reproduction with strong bass response•Open-Aire design for hi-fidelity audio reproduction.

This is a perfect solution for those looking to close the gap of space between yourself and the audio source.

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For those with hearing aids: TV streaming devices.

If you have hearing aids and would like a dolby digital experience streamed directly into your devices, more than likely there's a streamer for you. Most major brands have devices that will connect to the back of your TV or laptop.

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