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TV Streamer

For use with Unitron and Phonak devices, stream audio wirelessly to your Bluetooth hearing aids.

Sennheiser Personal TV Streamer

  • Wireless freedom & stereo sound with reception through walls and ceilings up to 328 feet.

  • Simple, built-in recharging.


Electronic dehumidifier designed to remove moisture from all type of hearing aids

Hearing Aid Wipes

Individually wrapped towelettes designed to clean hearing aids, earmolds, earphones, headphones, and any other hard surface or object.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

The hearing aid cleaning kit includes 40 cleaning wipes, a travel case, and audinell ear lotion.

Cleansing Spray

The cleansing spray can be used with a dry cloth to clean hearing aids and ear molds.

Sound Amplifier

For mild hearing losses, the nearly invisible design includes 2 listening situations, conversation & crowd.

Earcare Gel

Helps combat and prevent skin irritation and itchy ears associated with hearing aids

Lubricant Oil

Allows for ease of insertion and removal of hearing aids and earmolds to reduce irritation. Natural almond oil.

Earwax Prevention

Earwax spray used to prevent ear wax build up, use 2-3 times per week.

Drying Capsules

Pack of 2 capsules that can be used in a drying kit.

Personal TV Streamer

Wireless Bluetooth neck-band earphones allow the user to listen to music, television, cell phone conversation, and hear environmental sounds


Otoclip tethers your hearing aids to your clothing, helping to prevent loss.

Earwax Removal Kit

Begins dissolving cerumen in 5 minutes with most impactions being dissolved in 15 minutes.

Phonak Cleaning Wipes

For cleaning and disinfection (bactericidal, fungicidal and heptavirucidal) of hearing aids and earmolds. This item includes: 25 single tissues, instructions

Universal cleaning set

This cleaning set includes a cleaning brush, vent tool, cleaning wipe, and ear wax filters.

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